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I was born on December 25, 1969 and was and I am an only child. I married Rich in October 2001 and we will be married 7 years this year.Well I am pretty much an ordinary stay at home mom. I have 2 beautiful daughters Morgan who is 5 and is starting Kindergarten this fall and Madison who is 2.I would like to start back to college so I can get a degree and have a career to go back to when my kids are all in school all day. I never finished college which I regret to this day. My days are pretty much on a ROUTINE and I so much enjoy being able to watch my kids grow up.I also have 3 HUGE dogs so my day is quite busy. I LOVE my SAHM job and wouldnt change it for the world. I mostly volunteer my time at church. On Wednesday nights I teach The K/1st grade JAM(JEsus and Me) Time which is kind of like SUnday school only on wednesday night. I sing in the church choir which practices on thursday nights and then I just have my "MOM" duties which never ends .

Monday, November 10, 2008

Sunday, November 2, 2008


This is our lab Nikki. SHe is MY baby. SHe is 12 years old and is the BEST dog ever. SHe loves to run around and chase MOJO in our yard. SHe isnt a lapdog and all she really does is sleep cause she is getting pretty old. She is excellent with my kids. They like to dress her up in princess crowns and necklaces.

THis is Sadie she is our female pitbull. She is very different than our other one MOJO. SHe isnt really a barker nor is she a lapdog. SHe is very quiet and pretty much is happy laying around all day long. Sadie is 6 years old we got her as a puppy from our dog trainer. SHe is also very good with our kids.

This is MOJO he is our male pitbull. yes I said pitbull. He is a 70 pound baby who thinks he is a lapdog. HE loves to bark at and chase the squirrels in our yard it is very funny. He is a pitbull but is VERy good around our kids. They actually are friendly dogs NOT the mean ones you see on the news. Mojo is probably around 8 or 9 years old we actaully adopted him fro a shelter by our house and he was around a year at that time.


Oh for those of you who have been through this you will understand my surprisse, anger and now laughter at this story.

The other morning, Morgan was in the bathroom for a LONG time. I asked her what she was doing cause I was concerned why she was in there so long. She told me she was going POOP. I said OH OK. Well finally I just went in there cause she NEVER takes that long. I opened the door and to my surprise I see MOrgan sitting on the toilet with HALF of her bangs cut WAY WAY Above her forehead! AHHH Morgan what did you do ? i asked her. SHe told me they were bothering her and so she cut them. I had to cut the other side to make them even. VERY SHORT. I was mad at first then it was just plain funny. I thanked god that school pictures were already taken. SHe had to wear her costume to school that day so I didnt notice the other part of her hair until later that day. SHe had also cut the left die of her hair ABOVE her earring (about 3 inches shorter than the rest of her head). She said she didnt want long hair anymore and that she wanted it short. OH OK so then i had to cut the other side to TRY to make it look even. I now can laugh about that whoel ordeal cause it was quite funny even though she does look a bit on the funny side. I need to get a picture on here for you all to see BEFORE it grows back.

Morgan's School Life

Morgan LOVES Kindergarten. Her favorite classes are GYM and Recess. Ofcourse that is probably true of anyone that age. SHe has library and computer class on Mondays which she likes too. SHe is learning to spell and to read and is doing very well academically from wht the teacher tells me. She LOVES to draw so she will be taking am art class after school called YOUNG REMBRANDTS for a month only on Mondays that willt each her how to draw. I cant wait to see what she brings home cause that is one of her favorite things to do after school.

Morgan and Gymnastics.

Well now that Soccer is over Morgan has started Gymnastics and she also loves it. SHe is not as "graceful" so to speak as Madison but she likes it and that is all that counts.

HALLOWEEN- 10/31/08

Halloween is really not one of my favorite holidays but now that I have kids I have no choice but to like it. This year Morgan was Hannah Montana and Madison was a ladybug. THis was the FIRST year that Madison got to go trick or treating and THAT was well worth the 3 1/2 hours of walking we did. They got SOOO much candy we will be eating it until NEXT Halloween. Morgan FINALLY understood that when people opened their dorrs she had to say "trick or treat" AND she didnt try to walk into the houses like in the past years. Madison took the candy the people gave her out of her pumpkin so she could run down the driveways and show me what they gave her. It was very cute.